The Getting Back Into Dating

Getting back in the dating scene should be a gradual one and should be on your own terms. Don't stress about finding someone to intermingle with of interest and not knowing where to look. It's time to take the blinders off .  Here are some places to keep your eyes open for opportunities for striking up a conversation and ultimately‚Ķa new relationship!
Bus Stops / Rail: Hey don't laugh and don't judge. With the gas crunch being the way it is there are all types of people taking public transportation. It's relatively safe and if you are brave enough to look around you may see a real "diamond".
Grocery Store: People have to eat. Now this is the perfect place to meet great potentials. Icebreaker Tip...Ask for help or advice about anything and you will be surprised at how quick a conversation strike up especially if you spy a cutie standing in a long line...go for it! 
Airplanes: Hey the gods could really be with you if you are seated next to a great potential interest for a long trip. Both of you are going to the same destination with on the spot customer service from the flight attendant. Take advantage and just may be surprised.
Laundromats: Believe it or not this is a definite favorite of mine since being dressed up is not at all needed. People are relaxed and there is a little time to chat while waiting.

The above are safe and effective ways to intermingle with others without having to feel pressured. Just open your eyes, look around, and smile.

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Enjoying Sex More

Sex Can Get Better As You Reach Mid/late Life

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As we grow older, we realize that love and intimacy can mean a variety of things, and this wisdom leads us also to understand that, like many things, sex too can become better as we approach mid-life. You can express so many things through it, you realize, and there are so many ways to enjoy its full pleasure!
How can you get over your negative mental baggage, all the complexes and inhibitions that hold you back - and be at ease as you act on this realization? Just think about it! Isn't living an ongoing process, and don't you learn something new every single day? Well, it is the same with sex. Even, if you have been married to the same person for decades, you can both keep your sexual batteries charged, if you act in tandem with each other. And there is the additional advantage that sexual fulfillment can help bring a greater balance in other aspects of your married life too.
What is the secret of having good sex? It is that good sex needs quality, time, eagerness and liveliness. With these, you can reap exquisitely erotic and emotional rewards. In life, practice makes one perfect, and this maxim applies to sex too. Practice is for you to embark on a silly and uninhibited hunt with your love in bed!

Sex becomes fabulous, if you are always trying to improvise. Remember that this is one thing at which you become better as you grow older. All the practice you put in during your younger years now pays off! We, after all, learn a lot from our various experiences as we mature and allow hidden impulses to rise to the surface. We learn what turns us on and what turns us wild!
We then wish we had known all this when we had been younger - but Nature knows the best! After all, if we had had this kind of adrenalin rush when we had been younger, by now we'd be jaded! In our youth, we are in a hurry to achieve an orgasm, but in mid-life, it is drawn-out pleasure that we want.
By mid-life you know what turns your partner on and how to please him or her. This is because we are sexually smarter in our 40s than we were in our early 20s. Partners can take their sex lives to even higher levels by understanding that they can constantly discover new ways to turn each other on. They can do this by discussing their sexual wants, needs and fantasies.
When older people from a range of backgrounds were asked what they wished they had known about sex when they had been younger, they had different things to say but they agreed on one thing. This was that being good in bed and really enjoying sex is all about being at ease with your partner and yourself so that both feel relaxed and confident.
Sex can be a blast both for your brain and your body when you are creative and you eagerly explore your fantasies. Don't be hung up on g-spots and multiple orgasms. Remember, clitoral and penile stimulation helps a lot So, take the initiative and be lively so that sex retains its freshness. In middle age, sex is not just about performance expertise and physical satisfaction. It is about forming strong emotional bonds.
As we grow older the sexual insecurities of adolescence sometimes resurface. But we can overcome these and take our sex life to new heights by exploring our bodies, feelings and needs anew. Experimentation helps people lighten up, feel new sensations and stop worrying. This will bring a playful magic into our sex lives.